Decorate Your Guest Bathroom With An Elegant Mood

Are you empty nesters? Perhaps you finally can redecorate the kid's bathroom with the purpose of turning it into an elegant bathroom. Or, it might be that you have recently moved into a new house and you are decorating each room from scratch. Whatever the scene, from selecting luxury bath towels to shopping for one-of-a-kind decorative items, here are some ideas that might help you to create a bathroom that your guests can enjoy using.

The Essentials - Buy luxury bath towels, such as from the madison collection. What color did you select for the paint on your guest bathroom wall? If you chose a bold jewel tone like turquoise or ruby red, consider selecting luxury bath towels of a softer color, just to add contrast. Off-white, gray, taupe or a very pale blue are all good color considerations. If you selected pale colors for the paint on your guest bedroom wall, then think about choosing luxury bath towels that are bold colors, again, to add contrast to the room. Another idea is to mix the colors of your luxury bath towels. For example, think about buying large towels in neutral colors and then accentuating them with hand towels and face towels in a totally different color. To make them even more elegant, consider monogramming them with gold thread.

Extra Touches - Once you have determined the color of your towels, it will be easier to select decorative items that add interest and drama to the guest bathroom. For example, if you decided  to monogram the towels with gold thread, consider buying gold-toned items like tissue boxes, glasses and soap dishes. Think about what you will put on the walls, too. One idea is to choose gold-toned sconces that will provide soft lighting, even when the main lights are turned off. Do you have a chandelier in the bathroom? If not, consider adding one that will complement the bathroom towels and the decorative items you have chosen. Go with brass to match the gold thread and the gold-toned accessories, or select a crystal chandelier to add even more elegance to the room.

Your guests will also appreciate the fact that you add things like hand lotion, cotton balls, shampoo and conditioner where they can readily access them. Also, think about hanging luxurious bath robes that match the bath towels you chose. Your guests will more than likely feel like they are staying at a fancy hotel.