Why You Should Choose a Bathroom Vanity That Has Doors and Drawers

Shopping for a new bathroom vanity is a fun process because of the number of products that are available on the market. Regardless of the look that you're going for and your desired size, you'll be able to find multiple options to fit these criteria. One thing that you'll need to think about is whether you want your vanity to have drawers, doors, or a combination of both. While some vanities have drawers or doors, many use a few of each — and here are some reasons that this design can be a good choice for you.

Easy Access to Your Items

When you think about all of the items that you'll store inside of your new bathroom vanity, you'll quickly realize that some things are best suited to sit inside a pull out drawer, while others are ideal to be on a shelf behind a hinged door. For example, if you store medication in bottles, it is sensible to set in one of the top drawers of your vanity for easy access. Larger things that you don't need daily or that take up a lot of space, such as spare boxes of tissues and extra rolls of toilet paper, are suitable for a shelf behind one of the doors.

Visual Interest

When you evaluate different types of bathroom vanities, you'll often find that those that feature a combination of drawers and doors provide more visual interest than those that only contain either feature. For example, a vanity might have a pair of hinged doors in the center of it, with a row of drawers on each side. It's easy to see that this design is more visually engaging than other types of vanities when you compare them in person. If you're someone who wants to beautify your bathroom as well as make it functional, this design may be optimal for you.

More Storage Space

Although the size of the vanity plays a role in how much storage space this unit offers, a model with drawers and doors can often provide more storage than one with only drawers. It's important to remember that there's a drainpipe inside of the unit and that this pipe takes up space. In a model that only has drawers, the drawers in the vicinity of the drain pipe will be shallow to accommodate the pipe, which means that you have less storage. A model that has drawers in the center will have shelving around the pipe, giving you more space.