3 Instances Walk-In Tubs Are Very Convenient

Walk-in bathtubs are designed to make it easy for bathers to enter and exit the tub, eliminating the need to take large steps into and out of a tub, when feet and flooring may be slippery and wet. While many people wonder if they really need a walk-in tub, they can come in handy in a large list of situations. Here are three common instances when you may need a walk-in tub

1. When You Need to Bathe A Child 

Every parent knows how difficult and messy it can be to bathe a child, especially when they don't want to take a bath. Bathtubs are also inherently dangerous places for kids, especially when children aren't capable of sitting or standing up by themselves. 

However, walk-in tubs allow parents to walk a child into the bathtub and fill the area part way, while the parent sits in the convenient seat. Parents can carefully wash their little ones and sit close to their kids, making sure children are safe. 

2. When You Become Injured 

If you become injured, you may be faced with mobility challenges for several weeks or months. For instance, if you break an arm, you may need to find a way to bathe without getting your cast wet, which would eliminate showers. 

Walk-in tubs make getting into and out of bathtubs safer, even if you are struggling with mobility or ongoing injuries. As an added bonus, most walk-in tubs are fitted with additional accessibility features, such as pull bars and non-slip flooring. 

3. When You Host Houseguests 

You never know what kinds of physical problems or needs your houseguests will have, which is why having a flexible bathing area is so important. When you have a walk-in tub, you can ensure that everyone has access to a bathing area they can use comfortably. From senior citizens to people struggling with a new injury, you can make sure that everyone who visits you has a way to bathe, feel clean, and enjoy their stay. 

Walk-in tubs are also useful anytime you are in a position where you could become a caregiver and have houseguests for an extended period of time. Elderly friends or family members can use your bathtub when they stay with you, which can make them feel right at home. 

If you are thinking about adding a walk-in tub to your home, chat with a home remodeling contractor to see about your options. You may be able to select a walk-in tub in a range of different colors or customize the shape of the bathing area to suit your needs.