Conserving Water: Be Wise When Running Your Sprinklers

Canada has abundant wetlands and numerous summer storms, so it may seem to you that water is plentiful. But when the winters are dry, water can be scarce during the summer. Many Canadians still view water as a plentiful resource because water costs in Canada are lower than other developed countries. However, because the government fears that resources are being depleted and misused, many provinces and communities are pleading for wise water usage.

How And Why To Choose A Fairytale Playhouse For Your Little Girl

Portable buildings come in various styles, and one of the more popular options is the playhouse model. A little girl's fairytale playhouse offers personal play space away from the home, where your child can be free to let her imagination soar and feel a sense of independence. When selecting this little girl's playhouse from a portable building company, you need to consider several key factors, including safety, size and functionality.